Five Documentaries You Need to See Now

Okay, so my government teacher does this thing where she mentions a documentary or a podcast that we should listen, and I am probably one of the only people who takes her seriously. But I love documentaries. (I'll talk about podcasts more one day.) I used to only watch sports documentaries, but I have definitely expanded my horizons as far as genres go. Here are my current picks for must-see documentaries.  

A Ballerina's Tale | Misty Copeland is amazing. As the first black woman to be a principal dancer at ABT, she has fought incredibly hard to get where she is. I danced for 10 years, and I wished Misty Copeland was more famous when I was dancing. She is so incredibly inspiring because she does not fit the mold of what a dancer "should" be. She is black. Her body is not the typical body. But she's the best out there. 

Art & Copy | I am majoring in PR starting next fall, and so when I saw this documentary about advertising, I knew I would love it. It's so interesting and exciting to see the development of certain brands. The Tommy Hilfiger and Apple stories are probably my favorites, but all the companies have such interesting backstories about iconic ads. Advertising is really the driving force behind everything, and it crazy to see how some of the ideas came about. 

The Central Park Five | This is one that my gov teacher recommend. If you want to continue to have faith in the American justice system, don't watch this. The story is about five black teenagers are convicted of a crime with little evidence. I won't spoil it, but there's a good chance your blood will begin to boil. 

Particle Fever | Y'all, I hate physics, and I still loved this documentary. It's about the large hadron collider, and it's fascinating. It's super high level physics, but it's also not incredibly hard to understand, which I liked. Also, I found the people working on the project really interesting too. 

Brave Miss World | This is about Miss World 1998 Linor Abargil. Right before being named Miss World, she was raped by her travel agent. She takes a huge stance in the fight against sexual violence. She goes around the world and interviews woman who have also experience sexual assualt. It's truly amazing. 

What are your picks on Netflix right now?
xx, jKm


Essential Spring Outfits

If we all ignore the horrendous amount of pollen currently sitting on my car, I can definitely be oh-so happy that it is spring! I have less than a month months till graduation, which is absolutely insane. 

The other day I was putting up clothes/cleaning out my closet, and I realized 1. how much stuff I had, and 2. how much stuff I didn't like. I am still working on my wardrobe cleanse, but as the seasons change, I realize what is super important to me in my wardrobe. I am definitely an outfit repeater. I mean, I'm in high school, and there are certain outfits that I just love. Today I am sharing with you my tried and true outfits.

Untitled #219 
I hate pants. Spring is no time for pants, so I wear dresses most of the time. T-shirt dresses are my favorite thing right now. They're super comfortable and easy to wear. I wear mine with sandals and a statement necklace to be nicer.

Untitled #220

When I am in more of t-shirt mood, I'll wear high waisted shorts and Converse. Defintely a tried and true outfit for a ton of people. I especially love this because it's basically a glorified version of Norts and t-shirt.

Untitled #221

I. hate. pants. But I love gingham and pattern mixing. Gingham is really big this season, and I am 100% all in. Gingham is literally everywhere you go. Add something floral, and you've got the best spring outfit. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday! The countdown to my last day continues. As of today, I have 10 more days of school, which includes a week full of state testing and AP Exams! Yay... It's definitely weird getting all the information about graduation. Yesterday we got the schedule for all the events like Baccalaureate and graduation, and I picked up my honor cord. We are also cramming in our last two editions of the newspaper. I have my last test in Euro today, and my last government test next week. A lot is happening all at once. I am definitely trying to take it all in and appreciation it all. 

I am so excited to say that my dad finally gets to come home! He got another job that's in Atlanta, so starting in June he will no longer be living in Dayton but back at home. '

I am so excited for all the adventures that my friends and I are planning for the summer, which means Chacos are an essential. I love the ones I have, but the York Citrus ones are super cute.

And speaking of shoes... I have been wanting red cowboy boots since the first time I saw Footloose. Since I'll be at Alabama next year, I think I will finally get a pair.

And more shoes!!! Which is weird because I don't consider myself a "shoe person." Again, I think these Phillies Keds are a must have for the summer. A perfect subtle way to support my team. 

We all know I love swing dresses. This one from Gap is so perfect, and I think the pink one is my favorite.

I've gotten into Fleet Foxes recently, and when I saw that they covered "Can't Help Falling In Love With You," I was so excited because this is one of my favorite songs. 

Carly's outfit is so cute, and I think an Ann Taylor trip is in store.

xx, jKm


'70s Inspired Looks

Apparently the '70s are back, and I am all in. When I was younger, I felt I was born in the wrong generation, and I was meant to be a hippie. (Julie was my favorite American Girl for a reason besides just sharing a name.) A little weird considering what my style evolved into as I got older, but I am still 100% into the '70s at heart. My little nine year old heart was so ecstatic when I saw some of the new arrivals from Old Navy seamed straight out of 1970. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday! This week went by really fast for me, which is both good and bad. I am obviously excited for another weekend, but I have so much to do and no time or motivation to do it. I fell asleep at like 10 last night because I was so tired. (Woke up at 5:30 to finish math homework and this blog post.) I have two more weeks until AP Exams start, and one of those weeks is full of testing. Then I have my five AP Exams, and I am done with high school. Whoa... There's no time left at all. Moving on to more exciting things... 

Can I just be Jenna Lyons already? Definitely check this piece about her personal style. 

I'll shut about Old Navy when I stop liking what they release. They just released a ton of festival inspired clothes, but their latest arrival is super J.Crew-esuqe. I mean, these gingham pants? But if you're looking for more 70's inspired clothing, check out this collection.

Guess what? I found a fourth roommate! My friend decided she is going Alabama, and I am super excited to have her as my fourth roommate. And y'all, college is coming up so fast. My Pinterest board have been in overdrive with new pins about college. I am really excited but also super nervous. 

Sports Illustrated did a podcast about the psychology of fandom and self-identification. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet because I have been so busy, but it's on my list for this weekend! The podcast, This is Your Brain on Sports, has a ton of other really interesting topics including why we root for the underdog and the pressure of an undefeated record. 

This week I have seen all about Prince William and Kate Middleton's trip to India, but I had not seen the comments people were saying about Kate Middleton. People were criticizing her... feet? It's a weird sexist world out there, and Vogue agreed.

Happy Friday!
xx, jKm


Nashville Food Diary

If you're wondering what I did in Nashville for two days, here's the answer: I ate. A lot. We shopped a little bit, obviously visiting Draper James, but I mostly ate my way through Nashville. It was the most fun I've had in awhile. You can see what the rest of Spring Break was like here. 

The Row

The first place we went was The Row since it was right next to our hotel. I ordered brunch because why not? I got the Uncle Kelly, which came with eggs, sausage, hashbrown casserole, and the best biscuit ever. My dad got a meatloaf sandwich, and my mom got a form of egg's benedict. I highly recommend if you want brunch. 

Pancake Pantry

Best waffle ever. Obviously the Pancake Pantry is known for its pancakes, but the waffles are not half bad. I didn't love my hashbrowns, and I honestly prefer Waffle House's hashbrowns, but everything was still good. It was in this really cool neighborhood, and if you go, get there early! A line will form quickly. By the time we left, the line was out the door and beginning to wrap around the building. 


We have Cookouts in Georgia, but I have never been to one since they're mostly on the northside of Atlanta. There was one about a block and a half from our hotel. Maybe it was because there was so much hype surrounding it, but to me, it wasn't great. I liked my hotdog and milkshake, but it wasn't the best I've ever had. However, it's super cheap and open forever, so those are so definite perks. 

The Soda Shop

This was the last place we went, and it was a nice cleanser of sorts. It was all diner style food, and it was pretty basic, which I loved. I got a turkey and swiss sandwich that was a nice plain meal after all the other food I had eaten over the past two days. 

Nashville definitely has good food, and it such a fun city!
xx, jKm


Prom Season feat. Pantone Color of the Year

Since Spring Break is over, the countdown to prom is on. Mine is at the end of the month at the same club is was at last year, and I am pretty excited. Prom is not exactly my scene, but I do love dressing up, taking pictures, and going to dinner. I could do without the actual dance. I don't have a date this year, which I am 100% okay with, but if you do have a date, you will obviously want to match with them. Here's where The Black Tux comes in. The Black Tux allow guys to easily select the tux or suit that best suits them. They will ship the tux to you a week before your event, and once you're done, you send it back. Plus, to make sure the tux fits perfectly, they have multiple options to take measurements, and if something doesn't fit correctly when you get it and you request an exchange within 48 hours, they will ship you a new item for free Also, if you are not the most fashionable guy out there, they have curated complete outfits for you already.

I partnered with the Black Tux to show you an outfit of my own that could be pair with one of their tuxes or suits, and I will also be highlighting one of the two Pantone Colors of the Year. For the first time, Pantone has selected two colors for their Color of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Personally, I love more neutral formal dresses like black or navy, so I used accessories to incorporate more color. For my look, I picked Serenity because I think it is such a pretty color, and I loved the name.

Here's my look:

Top: Banana Republic (Similar) / Skirt: Bailey44 / Shoes: Nine West (Similar) / Nail Color: Essie

I painted my nails using Essie's Bikini So Teeny as pop of color to my all black outfit. (Recognize the skirt from last year's prom outfit?) I think painting your nails to match your date's bowtie is such an easy way to match rather than trying to get his tie to be the exact same shade of pink as your dress. While this is not my prom dress for this year, I do love this look, and I will probably try to wear it to something next year during college. 

Okay, so here are my picks for the guy's look:

Personally, I love the charcoal suit, and I think it would look great on anyone, and it would match a ton. 

But if you are feeling more fancy, The Black Tux just released their velvet jacket.

Then to round off the outfit, you obviously need a bowtie, and since I picked Serenity as my color, I picked out the Sky Blue Linen Bow Tie, which would match perfectly with my nails. 

My prom is at the end of the month, and I am super excited to share my dress with y'all. Happy Monday!
xx, jKm

This post was sponsored by The Black Tux, but all opinions are my own. 


Friday Four

Where did this week go? I only have three more days of my Spring Break left before going back to school. I am excited to be back at school because I basically only have three weeks left but that just means I only have three weeks until AP exams start... So I am savoring the weekend before I have to start thinking about studying.

Since this week was good to my Instagram, I thought I would do one of those "Insta-recaps" because I was actually traveling and posting, which is definitely something I need to get better at... But make sure you are following me on Instagram!

This photo is actually from before Spring Break, but I love it so much. I finally got my Bama Bound sign up in my yard! I am so happy that I get to tell everyone in my neighborhood where I am going.

I did a lot of eating in Nashville, but I did get some shopping in. Draper James was my number one stop, and the store is so cute! I loved the clothing, but how the store was decorated was my favorite part about it.

Like I said, I did a lot of eating. This waffle from the Pancake Pantry was my favorite thing I ate all week. On Wednesday, be sure to look out for a post all about where I ate.

When I got back from Nashville, I went hiking at the Chattahoochee Bend State Park with Tori. It's only an hour from where I live, and it is such a nice state park. We went hiking along the river, and it was a really nice day to going exploring. If you're ever near that part of Georgia, I definitely recommend visiting!

How was your week?
xoxo, jKm 


Life Update (4/5/16)

Long time, no talk... And a post on a Tuesday? I felt like I should do a quick update for everyone on what's been happening because I haven't been posting quite as often as I would like to be. I would have updated y'all yesterday, but I honestly forgot what day it was, so I didn't write a post on Sunday night. Whoops. 

I am currently wrapping up my time in Nashville. My mom and I are headed home later tonight after spending three days in an awesome city. My dad left earlier this morning because he had to go back to work. I am so glad I got to spend the first part of my spring break in Nashville. This city is truly awesome, and I have never eaten such good food. There will definitely be a recap of my time up on Friday. You can get a preview from my Instagram.

I also spent Friday and Saturday in Tuscaloosa attending Spring Teas for sorority recruitment. That was definitely the best way to kick off my spring break since I was in my favorite place, and I got to see my roommate for a little bit! Again, I will probably have a post all about Spring Teas, especially since there aren't a lot already out there. (I know it definitely would have helped me!)

I have five more days of spring break, and I am definitely excited because I hope to spend some of that time working on content for y'all! If you have any posts you want to see, let me now. I have some ideas in the works, and I am pumped to get working on them. 

xx, jKm