Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday! The countdown to my last day continues. As of today, I have 10 more days of school, which includes a week full of state testing and AP Exams! Yay... It's definitely weird getting all the information about graduation. Yesterday we got the schedule for all the events like Baccalaureate and graduation, and I picked up my honor cord. We are also cramming in our last two editions of the newspaper. I have my last test in Euro today, and my last government test next week. A lot is happening all at once. I am definitely trying to take it all in and appreciation it all. 

I am so excited to say that my dad finally gets to come home! He got another job that's in Atlanta, so starting in June he will no longer be living in Dayton but back at home. '

I am so excited for all the adventures that my friends and I are planning for the summer, which means Chacos are an essential. I love the ones I have, but the York Citrus ones are super cute.

And speaking of shoes... I have been wanting red cowboy boots since the first time I saw Footloose. Since I'll be at Alabama next year, I think I will finally get a pair.

And more shoes!!! Which is weird because I don't consider myself a "shoe person." Again, I think these Phillies Keds are a must have for the summer. A perfect subtle way to support my team. 

We all know I love swing dresses. This one from Gap is so perfect, and I think the pink one is my favorite.

I've gotten into Fleet Foxes recently, and when I saw that they covered "Can't Help Falling In Love With You," I was so excited because this is one of my favorite songs. 

Carly's outfit is so cute, and I think an Ann Taylor trip is in store.

xx, jKm

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