Essential Spring Outfits

If we all ignore the horrendous amount of pollen currently sitting on my car, I can definitely be oh-so happy that it is spring! I have less than a month months till graduation, which is absolutely insane. 

The other day I was putting up clothes/cleaning out my closet, and I realized 1. how much stuff I had, and 2. how much stuff I didn't like. I am still working on my wardrobe cleanse, but as the seasons change, I realize what is super important to me in my wardrobe. I am definitely an outfit repeater. I mean, I'm in high school, and there are certain outfits that I just love. Today I am sharing with you my tried and true outfits.

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I hate pants. Spring is no time for pants, so I wear dresses most of the time. T-shirt dresses are my favorite thing right now. They're super comfortable and easy to wear. I wear mine with sandals and a statement necklace to be nicer.

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When I am in more of t-shirt mood, I'll wear high waisted shorts and Converse. Defintely a tried and true outfit for a ton of people. I especially love this because it's basically a glorified version of Norts and t-shirt.

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I. hate. pants. But I love gingham and pattern mixing. Gingham is really big this season, and I am 100% all in. Gingham is literally everywhere you go. Add something floral, and you've got the best spring outfit. 

xx, jKm

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