Prom Season feat. Pantone Color of the Year

Since Spring Break is over, the countdown to prom is on. Mine is at the end of the month at the same club is was at last year, and I am pretty excited. Prom is not exactly my scene, but I do love dressing up, taking pictures, and going to dinner. I could do without the actual dance. I don't have a date this year, which I am 100% okay with, but if you do have a date, you will obviously want to match with them. Here's where The Black Tux comes in. The Black Tux allow guys to easily select the tux or suit that best suits them. They will ship the tux to you a week before your event, and once you're done, you send it back. Plus, to make sure the tux fits perfectly, they have multiple options to take measurements, and if something doesn't fit correctly when you get it and you request an exchange within 48 hours, they will ship you a new item for free Also, if you are not the most fashionable guy out there, they have curated complete outfits for you already.

I partnered with the Black Tux to show you an outfit of my own that could be pair with one of their tuxes or suits, and I will also be highlighting one of the two Pantone Colors of the Year. For the first time, Pantone has selected two colors for their Color of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Personally, I love more neutral formal dresses like black or navy, so I used accessories to incorporate more color. For my look, I picked Serenity because I think it is such a pretty color, and I loved the name.

Here's my look:

Top: Banana Republic (Similar) / Skirt: Bailey44 / Shoes: Nine West (Similar) / Nail Color: Essie

I painted my nails using Essie's Bikini So Teeny as pop of color to my all black outfit. (Recognize the skirt from last year's prom outfit?) I think painting your nails to match your date's bowtie is such an easy way to match rather than trying to get his tie to be the exact same shade of pink as your dress. While this is not my prom dress for this year, I do love this look, and I will probably try to wear it to something next year during college. 

Okay, so here are my picks for the guy's look:

Personally, I love the charcoal suit, and I think it would look great on anyone, and it would match a ton. 

But if you are feeling more fancy, The Black Tux just released their velvet jacket.

Then to round off the outfit, you obviously need a bowtie, and since I picked Serenity as my color, I picked out the Sky Blue Linen Bow Tie, which would match perfectly with my nails. 

My prom is at the end of the month, and I am super excited to share my dress with y'all. Happy Monday!
xx, jKm

This post was sponsored by The Black Tux, but all opinions are my own. 

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