Enlance con SDS

Happy Friday!!! It's been one week since I graduated, and again, it still hasn't hit me. I will be at orientation next week, so hopefully this whole college thing will feel real by then. So today marks the end of my first week of summer, and I tried to keep in pretty low key. Sleeping and watching Netflix was all I did, so I could recover from the school year. Today, however, I am spending the day in Atlanta with some of my friends as a way to kick off the summer that I truly want. Then my dad officially comes home on Sunday, and all will finally be right again. 

Recently I have been loving all of Kate's posts, and if you haven't seen her YouTube videos, I love them. 

Speaking of YouTube, Dorothy started posting more videos since it is summer, and they're great. 

Can we talk about how good this no bake chocolate eclair cake looks??

I NEED this throw from Pottery Barn for my dorm. The pink one is calling my name. 

I've been nervous about going to college with an anxiety disorder even though I have been pretty good for a while now, but this article defintely helped ease my nerves.

I think this notepad with palm trees is a must-have. 

xx, jKm

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