Graduation Weekend

I did it! I graduated on Friday. It was a really weird day, y'all. Normally our graduation is held outside. Forever and always this is the way we have held it. Except it was predicted to pour down rain and lightening the entire night on Friday. Fast forward through a major mess and my commencement was held in our gym. Not the most ideal place for a graduation, but it was still an exciting day. I am so thankful for my best friends that I have had since freshman year and for my family that came to watch my graduate even if it was from the auditorium. 

It still has not hit me in all honesty. I don't really feel like I graduated. I have the photos. I have my diploma. I have my final transcripts. Yet I still feel like I am getting ready to start another year at high school in two months. Maybe it will feel more real once I go to orientation next week, and I actually start signing up for classes and getting everything ready for August. 

xx, jKm

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