Senior Year Recap

Today is the day of my graduation. After watching my friends graduate for the past three years, it is my turn to walk across the stage. It's kind of surreal. When I was a freshman, I had a ton of friends who were seniors, and I remember looking up to them so much. Now I am in their position, and I don't feel as grown up as I thought they were. 

Senior year was defintely my favorite year out of the four. I loved all my teachers so much, and I had amazing classes with my friends. I got some of the best grades ever (along with one of the worst). I was editor of the paper. I finished my last football season. I decided where I was going to school. It was just a really, really good year. 

First Day of School

First Football Game of the Season

Last Homecoming Dance

Senior Night

Scholars Day at Bama


xx, jKm

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