10 Summer Fashion Essentials

When it comes to summer, I am very repetitive in what I wear. I have a very standard couple of outfits, and there's not a ton of variation. Y'all have seen me rave about most of these products before, but I can't help myself. I am very loyal to what I love. 

For shoes, I continue with my love of my Chacos. I wear them two-four times a week with basically anything. I really want a more colorful pair without a toe strap. But honestly, if you haven't jumped on this Chaco bandwagon, 1. who are you? and 2. just do it. When I am not wearing Chacos, I am probably wearing my Converse or my Jack Rogers. I know some people think the whole white Converse thing is too basic, but I love my Converse so much, and you can get them practically in any color. Then I don't think I have to y'all how much I #LoveMyJacks. 

For bottoms, I rotate through all my Norts, my chino Old Navy shorts, and my high waisted jorts. I don't really wear a ton of skirts in the summer, and I am most likely wearing running shorts while not actually running. Oh well. 

For tops, I am either wearing something pretty breezy or an oversize Alabama tshirt not going to lie. This swing top from Old Navy is up on my wishlist because I need a new white shirt. The one I have right now is also from Old Navy a couple of years ago, so it's getting a little dingy. I like the 70's vibe with this one.

Then I have been obsessed with these sunglasses from Target for a very long time. Their basically the only pair of sunglasses I wear. Whenever I lose them, I just repurchase the same pair. 

Last but not least is this nail polish from Sally Hansen. I painted my toes right before Baccalaureate, and I have only had to touch them up a little bit. This nail polish last forever on your toes, and I absolutely love white nail polish in the summer. I really like this one because it's super opaque and doesn't require a thousands coats to be a nice white.   

What are your summer fashion essentials?
xx, jKm

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