May Favorites

May was a weirdly long month for me. I think it was because of how May was really broken up. I had the two weeks of exams. The last day of school. The week before graduation. Graduation. The week filled with graduation parties. May was definitely been one of my favorite months this year, but I am very excited for June and July. As of today, I am on my way to orientation, which is on Thursday and Friday, and I am really excited to be with two of my three roomies.

Now for my favorites things this month...

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Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder | I haven't been wearing a ton of liquid foundation because it's getting hotter in Georgia. I use concealer to cover up any breakouts, but then I just use the powder as a foundation. I actually am starting to prefer it to liquid foundation because I do have oily skin.

NYX Matte Finishing Spray | Again, like I said it's been getting hotter in Georgia, and to avoid my makeup from actually melting off my face, I have been using this finishing spray from NYX. The one complaint I have is the smell, but honestly, it goes away in like three seconds, but other than that, I 100% love this.

nugg Soothing Face Mask | May was fun but also incredibly stressful. My face broke out like crazy right around the AP exams. I bought this mask when I was at Target trying to find stuff that would calm my face before graduation. It said it was for "troubled" skin, and my skin was definitely in trouble. I was really impressed when I first used it, and honestly, you can get two uses out of the tiny pack, which I thought was great. You aren't just buying a one use thing.

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Face Wash | Like I said, May was stressful. I bought this face wash in the same Target trip. Again, this stuff really helped my skin. It quickly calmed my skin. It didn't get rid of my acne completely in one use, but it did reduce it a ton and stopped acne that I knew was coming up.

Batiste Dry Shampoo | Monica Church raves about Batiste in her vlogs, and I picked this up at Target when I was buying new shampoo. I got the Tropical Coconut & Exotic scent because my shampoo is coconut milk based. I haven't had this for very long, but I love it! It makes my second day hair look like I just washed it. It's summer, and I am all about those #lazygirlvibes.

Scrubs | So now that school is out, my Netflix binge has begun. Right now, I am already almost done with Scrubs, and if you haven't seen it, I would recommend. It's definitely not my favorite show I've watched, but the first couple of seasons are amazing. Dr. Cox and Jordan are my favorites. I think up next is House. 

xx, jKm

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  1. Ooo, I'd love to try the NYX Finishing Spray! Sounds like a must-have for summer.