Why I Love Baseball

One of the reasons I started this blog was to merge two things I love: sports and fashion. I haven't been doing a great job of that of late. Since summer is in full swing, I wanted to share something very special with y'all. Baseball aka my favorite sport. Baseball has been my favorite sport for eight years now, and I can give it credit for a lot of things in my life. A lot of people always complain to me about how boring baseball is, but there's something about this sport that is so important to me, and I wanted to share that feeling with y'all. 

First things first. I fell in love with baseball in October 2008. It was the day the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series, and it was one of my dad's happiest moments. I wasn't watching the game, but I could hear from him celebrating from my room as I was falling asleep. (Hey, I was in fifth grade. I had an early bedtime.) He did his typical "dad" dance in our hallway, and this moment was huge for him. He had waited 28 long years for this moment. 

I had grown up hearing the tales about the glory days of Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt, who if you know anything about Philadelphia, they're big deals, but now I got to see who these new heroes were. Earlier in the series I asked my dad who #8 was on the team since 8 was my favorite number. He told me it was Shane Victorino, and then I decided he was my favorite player. (He remained my favorite Phillie until he was traded. Not going to lie. I cried.) Then when they won the World Series. From that moment on, baseball was my favorite sport. 

I began trying to learn everything I could about baseball from my dad. It started out mostly with the Phillies, but as I got older and learned more, it began to spread to other teams. Red Sox. Angels. A's. Giants (who I took a while to accept because of 2010). Cubs. I wanted to know it all. My dad and I would spend our mornings walking to the bus stop talking about the latest news in MLB. This is how I grew really close with my dad. He worked nights and when big information would come in, he would print photos and articles and then leave them in my room, so I would see them when I woke up. 

The Phillies continued to be good for about three more years. Players get old. They get traded. They retire. Soon the 2008 team that I had come to love was no longer there. Like I said, I cried when Shane Victorino got traded. (Hunter Pence, another one of my favorite players, was also traded the same day. They both went on to win World Series.) It sucked, and honestly? The Phillies were bad again. It became harder to be a proud Phillies fan in Georgia where most people are Braves fans, but I still wore my jerseys and rattled off facts and figures when people tried to question whether or not I actually liked sports. 

Becoming a Phillies fan led me to become an Eagles fan. A Flyers fan. On occasion, a Sixers fan. (I'm not the biggest NBA fan in general.) It led me to also these other teams and sports, and again, I began to broaden my knowledge past Philadelphia sports and into the leagues. My life would be really different if the Phillies hadn't won the World Series in 2008. I can't imagine life without that team even though I wasn't paying attention the entire time.

But why do I love baseball? Why have I stuck with it for 8 years? Baseball is a really big constant for me. There are typically 9 innings with 27 outs and 9 players on the field. There's a 40-man roster. If you need someone to come up, then you have to send someone to the minors. It just the way things are. Nothing changes about that even with this new technology. (My dad and I both argue that some parts of baseball have been ruined by technology.) In Field of Dreams, Terence Mann reminds Ray that baseball reminds of what was once good and can be good again. 

There's also this idea that you don't have to have the highest pay roster to win. Underdogs can win in ninth inning with a walk-off grand slam. Heck, underdogs could win the World Series! A team like the 2002 Athletics can have a 20 game win streak when their entire payroll is equivalent to that of another team's star player. This scene from Moneyball asks how could you not be romantic about baseball? How could you see these stories of players making comebacks and making history and not feel some sort of romantic feeling? (My personal fave is R.A. Dickey winning the Cy Young award.) 

Sure. Sometimes games are boring. Sometimes they are too long. But when the Red Sox came back from a 3-0 deficit against the Yankees to win the ALCS? When Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter on LSD? When Roberto Clemente got his 3,000th hit three months before he died? When Harry K sang High Hopes after the Phillies won the World Series? 

It is moments like those and so many more that make baseball amazing. Sure, the other three major sports are great, and I love football and hockey and tolerate NBA basketball, but baseball has this sense of pureness to me that the other sports don't offer. Without baseball, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't be studying what I am studying. I never would have joined newspaper. I wouldn't be going to Alabama. 

But thank God for the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies.

xx, jKm


  1. It is so cool you love both sports and fashion! My world revolved around competitive gymnastics, so I'm not a ball sports girl, but I sure do know I want to watch a baseball game this summer! Thanks for sharing, Julianna!

    XO, Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella

    1. Competitive gymnastics is so interesting. It's so different than anything else. Definitely what I will be watching during Rio! It might take a couple of games to get into it, but one day you will see a game that is just amazing.

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