Enlances con SDS

What a week... So most of the week I spent indoors watching MLB AllStar weekend coverage and Madam Secretary, and I was perfectly content. Then one of my best friends, Katie, invited me to go to the pool with her on Wednesday, and since I am moving in just three short weeks, I said yes. I got so sunburnt. Like my arms look like a lobster. I am not an outdoorsy person except when I am hiking, and then I am mostly surrounded by trees, and I am not outside for that long. I was defintely reminded about how Irish I am and how important applying sunscreen over and over again is. This is what I get for complaining about how white my legs were earlier this week. 

Seeing all the different leos is one of my favorite parts of watching gymnastics, and Under Armour released a little preview of the women's and men's leos. 

I've known about Charlie Southern indirectly because I've seen their stuff on ShopRiffRaff before, but y'all how perfect is this tshirt? And this one? And any Friday Night Lights fan can appreciate this one. I think I may have just found one of my new favorite brands. 

For some reason, I've gotten kind of into that Southwest vibe. I think Kate's blog has something to do with it. These cactus earrings are too cute and are a perfect nod to the Southwest. 

Lilly's new arrivals as usual as nothing short of perfection. One of my biggest regrets was not getting the Ophelia dress when it was released last year, but they brought it back! While I love the print that is out now, I am waiting for the one with elephants on it to come out. ;) 

If you are a sports fan, you know Peyton Manning retired after winning Super Bowl 50. The ESPYs honored Peyton with a little tribute and a little fun. The video is based off of the "Dear Peyton" commercial Gatorade did earlier this year.

I got an Alabama Alex & Ani bracelet a while back when I was visiting, and I absolutely love it. I think a Phillies version needs to make its way into my collection. I don't like wearing things on my wrist at all, but I love these. 

I have been craving Buffalo Chicken for the longest time, and this Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese looks so good. I've also been craving hashbrown casserole, but my options for food are limited because my mom and sister are doing Whole 30. At least for this month, I have kind of participate in their adventure.

xx, jKm

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