July Favorites

Hey y'all! I cannot believe July is already over, which means summer is almost over. I am headed off to Alabama in one short week to participate in the largest sorority recruitment in the country for one week and then the next I start classes! So crazy to think that something that I have been waiting for for so long is finally happening. I will definitely being keeping y'all updated on all my college life, don't worry. :)

ANYWAYS... July has been a weird month. I feel like I haven't done anything while also doing a whole lot. One of the biggest things I've been doing this month was working on a redesign for the blog! I am waiting a little bit longer to reveal to make sure all the kinks are smoothed out, but I am so, so excited for y'all to see it. Be sure you're following me on Twitter for some sneak peeks every once in awhile.  Obviously, I don't want to give too much away, but I am too pumped to not share some things with y'all. 

For the rest of my favorites this July...

Starting with fashion and beauty and all that good stuff. When I haven't been wearing the same oversized Phillies tshirt I stole from my dad, I have been wearing this gray swing dress from Old Navy. I wore three (or four) times in a week. I'm not joking. It's so comfortable and easy to wear, which is exactly what I look for in a casual dress for the summer. (I've also been wearing it a ton because most of my clothes are already packed...) 

When I have been wearing that gray dress, I have also been wearing this necklace from Lizard Thicket, which is a boutique where I live that I talk about all the time. Normally this is not something I would wear at all, but I have really been loving it. It's such a fun and different piece than the rest of my jewlery. Plus, if I get anxious because of the choker, I can pull it so the beads aren't so close to my neck. This style of necklace is super popular right now, so I am pretty sure you could find something similar is any of your local boutiques or even on Etsy.

(Y'all with probably be seeing that exact outfit ^^ in an upcoming blog post!)

I have also been wearing my Target sandals a ton. They are such a nice alternative to only wearing either my Jacks or my Chacos. I wear them with anything, and they're super easy to slide on and head out the door, which again is exactly what I need in the summer.

I feel like I finally jumped on the bandwagon with this one. I had to pick up more concealer, and my Target, like usual, did not have what I had already been using in stock, so I had to try something else. Everyone raves about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. It seemed to be the drugstore concealer of every beauty guru on YouTube's choice, and I understand the hype. It's amazing concealer, and it lasted the entire day when I went to Atlanta and walked around in 80% humidity. It's super awesome, and if you want a drugstore concealer, I recommend.

I've talked about Wild so much on here recently that I don't want to spend too much time on it, but it is such an amazing story. Cheryl Strayed tells an incredible story about her hike along the PCT, and it is so hard for me to imagine what she went through but how she tells it makes you feel like you're there.

I probably have more music favorites than ever to share with y'all. I shared some of my current favorites with y'all in my "Currently" post, but I have even more favorites now. I am still in love with "NYC-Gone, Gone," but in addition to the song, I've been listening to Conor Oberst's self-titled album that the song comes from. My other favorites from the album are "Get-Well-Cards," "I Don't Want to Die (In the Hospital)," and "Cape Canaveral."  

I am still obsessed with "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers. I can't stop listening to it. It's probably my favorite song of the moment. The lyrics are just amazing, and I love what the song is about and how she talks about it. So good. 

My other favorite songs right now are "Outside Villanova (Live)" by Eric Hutchinson (shout out to the best friend, Tori, for that song), "White Flag" by Joseph, and "Mexico" by the Staves. If you want to be updated on what I am listening to, check out my "Current Favorites" playlist on Spotify. I update it a lot and change out the music on there frequently.

Now for TV and movies. Again, I talked about this in my "Currently" post, but if you haven't seen Madam Secretary, go watch it. I love this show almost as much as I love The West Wing, which is a huge compliment. I want to be Elizabeth McCord. She's so perfect. As for movies, I'll keep it short and sweet. Go see Ghostbusters if you haven't. Just do it. It was hilarious. 

xx, jKm

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