Enlances con SDS

I went to go see Ludacris with two of my roommates. It was super weird but also a ton of fun.

Walker Hayes was one of the opening acts for Ludacris, and he even performed at the Theta house the night before. He's so cute and precious, and I absolutely love his music.

Rule 40, which is this super complicated media rule, is hilariously done with this Twitter account. If you want to know more about Rule 40, Katie Nolan explains it better.

Casually obsessed with this golf cart keychain from Smathers & Branson.

This dress is so cute! I feel like it's perfect for that weird transition from summer to fall that we are about to hit.

I have already talked about how much I want the Ophelia swing dress from Lilly, but seeing it in Krista' post makes me want it that much more. 

If you haven't started following Carly's YouTube, you need to! Her filming and editing style reminds me of Monica Church, who is my absolute favorite YouTuber.

Also, I am sorry about the quality of posts lately. I know they haven't been my best, but college has been crazy. I am going to spend this weekend working on content (& homework).
xx, jKm

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