Enlances con SDS

I've been trying to go to more games besides football at school, and I absolutely love going to soccer games. I go with one of my guy friends, who knows way more about soccer than I do, and it's fun.

Y'all, I absolutely love this dress from Old Navy. I wore it to our hottest game ever, and I didn't feel gross wearing it, and it was super comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

I also love this top, which I wore with a button down jean skirt, and it was super cute.

If you haven't watched the Amanda Knox documentary, you need to right now. It's so good, and it finally helped me realize what the case was. I kind of remembered it, but I didn't know how it ended.

I have lots and lots of costume ideas running through my head... Can it be Halloween already?

Brooke's day in the life is so cute! Definitely makes me wish that I had video skills so that I could do one.

xx, jKm

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