September Recap/Favorites

September was such a fun, exciting, and crazy month. Between Big/Little reveal, initiation, homecoming week, and all the fun football games, I barely got any sleep, which is why I am starting off October sick. This semester is flying by so fast. It feels like I've been at Alabama for so long yet not long enough. It's so weird to see tour groups walking around campus and to see my friends from high school get into Alabama. It's like... I am supposed to be the freshman on campus. Y'all aren't supposed to be coming to school here. It's strange...

I won't lie. A lot of my favorites for this month are more of ideas/things rather than actual products. Since I am at school, I don't spend a whole lot of time trying out new stuff. Everything I use is such a tried and true basic, but a ton of exciting things happened this last month.

Y'all, any view from Bryant-Denny is absolutely perfect. I've gotten to go to all three home games we've had so far. I went with one of my sisters to the first one, with one of my guy friends to the second one, and with one of my sisters and her parents for the third one. The atmosphere is absolutely crazy, and I fall in love with Alabama football a little more every time I walk into the stadium. 

Theta had Big/Little reveal earlier this month! I absolutely love my big, and I knew from the moment she was my Kite Sister that I wanted her to be my big. My family is huge because I have twin, and my big is a twin who also has twins. Plus my grandbig is a twin... It's a little complicated, and I don't know exactly who is what, but I love my family so much. 

Homecoming week was absolutely crazy, y'all. In a good way and a bad way. I spent so many hours pomping with my sisters, and while it was 1:30 at one point and I was crying, I loved bonding with everyone and getting to know them so much better. Our pomp turned out so amazing, and we made it a little different than a normal one. We've raised almost $15,000 since Saturday!! 

xx, jKm

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