Seven Goals for 2017

Originally I was going to create 17 Goals for 2017, but if you think about it, that's a lot of goals, like too many. Instead I cut down from 17 to seven because that's much more reasonable. Two years ago I talked about how I don't really love the term "resolutions," so I always make goals rather than resolutions. Last year all my goals were focused on me and becoming a better version of myself. This year I made my goals centered around doing more. I've talked about how I feel like I created a really good foundation for some things, and I want to continue to these habits in the new year. 
Be more willing to fail | I hate failing. Obviously, no one loves to fail, but I almost never put myself in a position where I can fail, which is not a good thing. I applied to colleges that I knew I would get into. I applied for scholarships that I knew I would get. I only applied for positions in high school that I knew I would be the best fit for. 

I don't take a lot risks, and I rarely do something unless I know I can do it 100%. I miss out on a lot of opportunities because of this year, and this upcoming semester I am determined to try new things and apply for positions even if I am not completely sure that I will get it. I mean, who knows? Something great could come out from finally going out on a limb. 

Be more productive | This past month has been an incredibly productive one for me. I've loved being home because I have had time to work on anything I've wanted to instead of having to prioritize school, friends, and blogging. 

I want to take this motivation into the new year. I know it might be a little hard once I am back taking classes, but I also have an absurd amount of free time in between classes. Instead of letting that time be wasted by just sitting around, I always want to be working toward something whether it be getting ahead in school or creating more for Sass del Sur. 

Study more | The next two goals go along with being more productive. School has never been that hard for me, so I've never really had to study before coming to college. Last semester I studied more than I ever did in high school, but I still didn't study a lot compared to some people. My grades were good, but I know my grades could have been better if I tried just a little harder than I did. My biggest goal for my grades is to make either President's List or Dean's List for spring semester and fall semester. I know I can do it, especially if I put a little more work into everything. 

Create more | Like I said, I want to spend more time creating for this blog. During the first semester, I really needed a creative outlet, and I let the blog fall by the wayside even though I needed it. I know I always say this, but I want to start doing more with this blog. Maybe if I keep saying it, one day my dream will come true. I have a few ideas of what I want to do, and I am already really excited about it all. 

Read more books | I read a lot more in 2016 than I have in previous years, but once I got to school, I never felt like reading anymore. I got a lot of books for Christmas, and I want to implement reading into my routine because I always feel better when I make time to read. 

Read more reliable news | More reading! I figure I am a communications major, and I should be reading more news. However, reading any ole news isn't enough; I need to be reading reliable news to truly be informed. I know my family has an online subscription to the New York Times, and I think I am going to try to start reading the Wall Street Journal and BBC's website more. 

Explore more | Over the spring and summer, I got really into going state parks and going on hikes. I love exploring so much. I don't have a car at school right now, so it's hard to get to Alabama state parks, so this goal might have to wait until I get back from school for the summer. However, I do there are some places on campus that I can go to and explore. Maybe I'll convince Emma to go with me.

xx, jKm

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