January Reflections

January was a weird month. Normally at the end of the month/beginning of the month, I talk about what all I loved during that last month, but I feel like January deserved something different. This is going to get somewhat, vaguely political, so if you don't want that, I just suggest clicking out now (or I don't know, read a reliable newspaper or something.).

This was a really long month, and it was pretty stressful. I moved back to college, started new classes, and got sick all within three weeks. In the midst of all this personal junk, some pretty bad (re: terrible) stuff happened in the world, and honestly, I felt pretty defeated. My anxiety was getting worse; I got lost in my classes because of the heightened anxiety, and then I got the flu. All I wanted to do was go back home to Georgia and sleep for the next week (or four years), but that wasn't really an option. I needed to go to class because we all love those attendance policies... *eye roll*

After a week of dragging myself to all my classes despite feeling like death, waiting with bated breath to hear what new crazy executive order has been signed, and then watching Hulu all weekend to recover, I went to class on this last Monday feeling physically fine except for a cough but mentally exhausted. I didn't have a whole lot of drive to get me through doing homework and blogging and studying. I have also been questioning what I was doing for a really long time, and I just didn't feel inspired to keep going and trying.

As y'all probably know, I am a public relations major, and I've known that's what I have wanted to major in since I was a freshman in high school. However, lately I wasn't sure if it is what I wanted to do anymore. We've been talking about working at a PR firm or in a PR department in my intro level class, and that's not what I want to do when I am older. I started to forget why I was studying what I was studying because I felt like I was stuck between two options I didn't want. 

Then on Monday night I went to our Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) meeting where there was a panel of people working in different aspects of PR. Not one of them worked for a firm or a major corporation. One worked for a pretty big restaurant in Tuscaloosa. Two worked for the city of Tuscaloosa. One worked for the SEC Network.  I remembered why I picked PR over other communications majors: I can do whatever I want. PR is an incredibly broad field, and I am not stuck working in only the spheres my textbook talks about. I can basically work in whatever aspect that I want to, and I was creating limitations where there weren't any. I left the meeting feeling more inspired than I had in over three weeks.

The meeting also confirmed something that I had been mulling over in my mind for a while. Right now I am in the process of adding a marketing major! It should be official next Friday. The plan is to drop my two minors and double major in public relations and marketing, which is something I have been thinking about since October or November. I realized this was really important when I realized what I wanted to be doing was integrated marketing communications, which is basically a combo of PR, advertising, and marketing. I figured I should at least get degrees in two of those aspects. I am so happy, and talking to my advisor made me really excited because she seemed excited for me. 

I know I need to be aware of what's going on in the world, and I can't let it just pass me by as if it doesn't matter because it does matter. It matters a lot. The world is truly a scary place for some people right now, and because of that, I need to remind myself of what is still good in this world. If I don't, I can easily get caught up in everything and spiral down in a very, very deep way. I think being involved and helping out while also working to make yourself happy is going to be crucial for the next four years.

These thoughts don't exactly connect to one another, and they definitely aren't even finished thoughts, but I just wanted to type out everything that I have been feeling recently. 

So those are my January Reflections! 
xx, jKm

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