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Hey y'all! Happy Thursday! Since I didn't share a January favorites post last month, I didn't get a chance to share with y'all everything that I have been loving, and lately it's been a lot. I watched a ton of TV when I was sick with the flu last month, and I've been listening to a ton of music while I have been working on homework and blog posts. I defintely wanted to share everything that I have loved lately because it's too much to keep to myself.

The Young Pope | If you follow me on Twitter, you would 100% know that I am obsessed with this show. It so weird. I can never tell if I love it or hate it, but I know I want to keep watching it. I am way behind on it because it's definitely not something you can watch while working on something else, but I am hoping I can catch up when I find a free weekend. It's on HBO, which I know not everyone has, but Alabama gives students a subscription, so check to see if your college does the same thing.

Victoria | Queen Victoria has been one of my favorite historical figures since I was a sophomore in high school, and this PBS Masterpiece series was made for me. Jenna Coleman plays Queen Victoria, and I love her so much. I cried when she left Doctor Who. The show is actually based around Victoria's journals, so it's pretty accurate. Also if you're into great love stories, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's relationship is definitely for you. (Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes are dating in real life!)

The People v. OJ Simpson | The OJ trial is one of those things I am weirdly obsessed with, and this American Crime series is so good. It's definitely different because it's not a true documentary. I think that makes it more interesting because you see how everything unfolds rather than being told. Plus it answers a lot of questions I have about the trial, especially involving the race relations in LA during the time. If you're also into this case, I also recommend OJ: Made in America, which is a ESPN documentary.

Coloring Book | I've never really listened to Chance the Rapper's album all the way through, but I have listened to a couple songs here and there, but after the Grammy's I figured I needed to listen to the whole album. I think I am also one of the last people to listen to Coloring Book, but if you're like me and haven't listened to the whole album, just go do it. It's so good.

Hozier | I have defintely said this before, but I'll say it again: I am always behind on stuff. I am very rarely ahead of the curve on something related to pop culture. Randomly one day I started listening to Hozier's self-titled album, and I love it. Of course I have listened to the more popular songs, but I hadn't just listened to the album straight through. There was a day where I just listened to "Jackie and Wilson" over and over again.

La La Land Soundtrack | I saw this movie with Emma last month when we were bored one weekend, and it was so good. I will occasionally listen to the soundtrack when I want to listening to something a little more relaxing. It's such a beautiful soundtrack, and Ryan Gosling is the definitely the definition of the heart eye emoji.

xx, jKm

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