Bad Mood Days

We've all been there where we've had great weeks up to a certain point, and that specific point makes the good week take a 180 turn. Definitely not fun. That was last week for me. Monday-Wednesday were great days. The weather was perfect. It felt like spring, and things really seemed to me going my way. I was in a state of post spring break bliss until one thing set me off on Thursday. One miniscule, insignificant thing turned my good week into a bad one, and I've been trying to fix my mood ever since. Obviously everyone experiences moments like this, and I think it's hard to actively try to fix your mood. Sometimes I just let my mood simmer underneath the surface until I am 100% better...in about two weeks. Except it's so much better to actively change how you're feeling rather than just waiting for the anger/bad mood subside because I hate being in a bad mood.

For me a lot of fixing my mood is about removing myself from the situation that made me upset whether I don't talk to someone for a couple of days, or I don't go back to the thing that I am upset about. Usually what I am upset about is pretty small and irrational, but I am very much a person who bottles up my emotions, and when I am continually back in a situation that has previously upset me, my feelings keep stacking on until I blow up and most likely say something I regret. That being said I am also a person who can get over things very quickly if I don't think about something too much especially when it's something small, so removing myself from what has made me upset does wonders for me. Then after a couple of days I go back and reassess the situation with a clearer head, and I am much more rational than I would have been if I didn't take time for myself. 

However, removing myself from a situation doesn't mean I remove myself from life because honestly that just makes everything worse. Unfortunately I slept through class on Friday, I made sure I still went out on Friday night and hung out with my friends because if I didn't, I wouldn't have left my dorm all day. I was distracted from "real life," and I spent the night singing country songs way too loudly with my sorority sisters. When you're in a bad mood, it can be easy to stay inside your head, and that makes your mood worse, but when you go out and have fun, you're at least distracted for a little bit, and you start to feel better.

However, I think the most important thing to remember is that it is okay to have bad days. It's okay to be in a funk. Yeah, when you're in a funk, it's important to make sure you're not keep yourself there, but don't beat yourself up for not being happy 100% of the time. It's okay to be sad, and it's okay to not feel good constantly. You're allowed to have your bad days. You're allowed to cry. You're allowed to sit in your bed all day on Saturday watching TedTalks. You're allowed to feel your emotions because they're your emotions, and that makes them valid. 

Then if all else fails, I watch Parks and Rec, the Office, or 30 Rock. 

Happy Monday!
xx, jKm


Sports Bucket List

Today I am heading down to Florida to cross off one of the biggest items on my sports bucket list: attend Phillies spring training. My dad and I are going to the St. Patrick's Day game on Friday, and I am so excited. The St. Patrick's Day game is kind of a big deal to the Phillies, and I am so excited for it. Since this is one of the biggest items on my bucket list, I figured I would share with y'all the rest of that list. :)
xx, jKm


Spring Snack with SkinnyPop

I've been home for three days, and I can without a doubt say the best part about being home is having food. (Besides seeing my parents and all that.) During the week, I eat amazing food at my sorority house, but once the weekend hits, I am back to eating dining hall food with the best of them. I don't keep a ton of food in my dorm, so unless I go out on the weekends or grab a snack from the house, the food I am eating is not great on the weekends. However, I have found a snack that is relatively cheap, healthy(ish), and easy to make but also fun: SkinnyPop with Pretzels and Easter M&Ms. 

I love trail mix, but this is a more fun version of that to me. Plus I love popcorn so much. I've been eating it as a snack since before it was cool. Mostly because I read about it in an American Girl magazine, but SkinnyPop makes it so much easier because I don't have to actually make the popcorn. #LazyCollegeGirlProblems 

Like I said, super easy to make. It maybe takes two minutes at tops, and I could eat it all day. It's actually embarrassing how often I've eaten this since I've been home. I've eaten another bowl while working on this post. My favorite part is the Easter M&Ms. For some reason holiday M&Ms always taste better to me. Christmas? Easter? I am here for it. Plus the spring colors make this snack just as pretty as it is tasty.

xx, jKm 


Friday Favorites | 3/10

Today is the day! Spring Break is finally here! Today I am going back to Georgia with my dad, and I will be home for four days. BUT then my dad and I are going to Disney World and Clearwater for Phillies spring training. I am so excited because if you didn't know, my dad is one of my best friends, and I absolutely love going on trips with him. We went to Disney with my older sister my sophomore year of high school when he ran the marathon. Definitely be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (jujukachoo) for all my adventures. :)

Okay let's hope into my favorites this week...

For our sisterhood event last week, we went to Lake Harris, which is right outside Tuscaloosa close to Northport. It took a while to get there because Emma and I got super lost, but it was definitely worth it! The view is so nice, and the weather was absolutely perfect for a lake day.

I found this article about Michele Roberts on Wednesday when it was International Women's Day. It's an older article - it's from 2 years ago - but I still think it's really interesting. I didn't even know she was the executive direction of the NBPA.

Lately I have been loving Katherine's videos. I think it's because they are more relatable to me since I am in college. Her advice is amazing, and so are her vlogs.

I need this shirt. That's all.

I think Laura Kane's advice for communicators is super important, and I hope to start implementing some of her advice as I go along in building a career.

The latest Avett Brothers album is crazy good, and lately I've been obsessed with "Ain't No Man."

Happy Friday, y'all!!
xx, jKm


Old Navy Spring 2017

Clearly General Beauregard Lee was right about one of his predictions because spring has definitely arrived in the state of Alabama. Highs in the 60s with days filled with rain? Spring in the south has arrived, and with the change in the weather, I have been wanting to switch over from sweatshirts, jeans, and boots to dresses and florals and sandals. Like every season I flocked to Old Navy first to see what their new arrivals were, and like always I am not disappointed. There are lots of florals, navys, whites, and cute details.

xx, jKm


Learning How to Fail

When I turned 18, I talked about how I was comfortable living in my box. I quoted, in my opinion, one of the most cliche sayings: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I'm sure we've all pinned something that shares the same sentiment at least once because I know I have. At 18 I still didn't take risks even though I wanted to say I did. I think everyone wants to say they would be willing to do something that scares them, and I knew I would be happier if I had the courage to take a risk. Try something new and maybe even fail, but I didn't. If I took a risk in high school, it was completely calculated, and I likely knew the outcome before it even happened.

However, that had to change once I got to college. One of the things college has forced me do is abandon my box without knowing exactly what would happen next. Leave my comfort zone and not know what was on the outside. I mean sorority recruitment was one big experience that made me face a lot of anxieties, and even joining a sorority made me face a lot of anxieties. I was no longer surrounded by people I knew, and there was no sense of comfort in anything I did for a while. I wandered around in the dark for the longest time. But for most of my first semester, I didn't try anything new or do anything where I thought I could fail. In the first month of school, I joined one club and applied for one thing, which I didn't get. I was scared of failing, something I had never done before. I didn't fail in high school, and I was not about to start failing in college. This was not exactly the right mentality I needed to have, especially in a place where I had to be willingly to try something, anything, new.

In October, I met with my Theta mentor, and I asked her how I could get more involved with my major and in the house because after two months I finally realized that I was just not doing anything. I was tired of not having my "thing." She told me about two things that changed my freshman year for the better - PRSSA and my house's media committee. Now this was nothing too big or risky, but for me, it was the step in the right direction, which is sometimes the most important thing. I wasn't stuck on square one anymore.

Fast forward to this semester. One of my goals for the new year was to take more risks and be more willing to fail. I decided to get more easily involved in the house, so I would feel better about applying for positions in the fall. The first thing I did was accept a nomination for a position, which I ended up getting, and I joined another committee within the house. However, as much as I love Theta, I knew I needed to start looking for opportunities outside of the house because my sorority can't define everything I do.

This leads me to where I am now. Two weeks ago I had interviews for two different positions. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind. I hate interviews. I am flat out terrible at them, so naturally, I spent the entire week on edge, and I was a bundle of nerves the entire time. There were times during that week where I honestly regretted putting myself through the stress of interviews and waiting. I am impatient, and I just wanted to know immediately whether or not I was going to get these positions. On that Friday morning I found out I didn't get one, which was a horrible feeling, and I could have promised you that I wasn't going to get the other one.

But I did. While I had gotten a rejection notice that morning, I got an acceptance notice that afternoon for the position I really wanted. Like I said, I didn't think I was going to get it because I am a freshman, and on paper, I am pretty much unqualified to do anything. But I took a risk. I applied for it because I wanted it, not because I knew I could get it. Now I am getting to do something super exciting this summer with the College of Communication, and I never would have this opportunity if I hadn't been willing to take a risk.

This last weekend I went to a women's lifestyle and leadership conference at Alabama, and I went to a panel where three amazing women - students at Alabama - spoke. At the beginning of the panel, I was listening to them talk about their accomplishments, and I was amazed at all the work they had done in three or four years. At the end, though, one of the women reminded us that yeah, all three of them had a long list of accomplishments, but they also had a list of rejections. They didn't get everything they applied for. I think that's something that's super important to remember. You usually only see someone's successes and never their failures, but they're still there. Failures are always going to happen, but what's important is how you handle your failures and what your next step is going to be after you fail.

xx, jKm


Friday Favorites | 3/3

Baseball season started at Alabama! Roll Tide, y'all.

I got a giftcard to Amazon earlier this month, and I immediately order the Wacom Intuos Draw. I know very little about graphic design and even less about using a tablet to do it, but I am so excited to hopefully get better at everything.

One of the best things to ever come to Netflix is Abstract: The Art of Design. It's a docuseries featuring different types of artists from an illustrator to a photographer to a shoe designer. Can y'all tell I am on a creative/art kick right now?

The illustrator from Abstract has this incredibly cool Instagram series where he takes objects and drawings and combines them to make an image. He also posts a lot of his work with the New Yorker.

After wanting one for forever, I finally found a "I Feel like Theta" sweatshirt thanks to Emma. 

The New York Times' Oscar commercial gives me chills every time I watch it.

Speaking of the Oscars, one of my sorority sisters shared this article about typography and how it could have saved everyone this year. It's defintely an interesting thought and shows how little thought people put into creating things sometime.

Happy Friday, y'all!
xx, jKm