Bad Mood Days

We've all been there where we've had great weeks up to a certain point, and that specific point makes the good week take a 180 turn. Definitely not fun. That was last week for me. Monday-Wednesday were great days. The weather was perfect. It felt like spring, and things really seemed to me going my way. I was in a state of post spring break bliss until one thing set me off on Thursday. One miniscule, insignificant thing turned my good week into a bad one, and I've been trying to fix my mood ever since. Obviously everyone experiences moments like this, and I think it's hard to actively try to fix your mood. Sometimes I just let my mood simmer underneath the surface until I am 100% better...in about two weeks. Except it's so much better to actively change how you're feeling rather than just waiting for the anger/bad mood subside because I hate being in a bad mood.

For me a lot of fixing my mood is about removing myself from the situation that made me upset whether I don't talk to someone for a couple of days, or I don't go back to the thing that I am upset about. Usually what I am upset about is pretty small and irrational, but I am very much a person who bottles up my emotions, and when I am continually back in a situation that has previously upset me, my feelings keep stacking on until I blow up and most likely say something I regret. That being said I am also a person who can get over things very quickly if I don't think about something too much especially when it's something small, so removing myself from what has made me upset does wonders for me. Then after a couple of days I go back and reassess the situation with a clearer head, and I am much more rational than I would have been if I didn't take time for myself. 

However, removing myself from a situation doesn't mean I remove myself from life because honestly that just makes everything worse. Unfortunately I slept through class on Friday, I made sure I still went out on Friday night and hung out with my friends because if I didn't, I wouldn't have left my dorm all day. I was distracted from "real life," and I spent the night singing country songs way too loudly with my sorority sisters. When you're in a bad mood, it can be easy to stay inside your head, and that makes your mood worse, but when you go out and have fun, you're at least distracted for a little bit, and you start to feel better.

However, I think the most important thing to remember is that it is okay to have bad days. It's okay to be in a funk. Yeah, when you're in a funk, it's important to make sure you're not keep yourself there, but don't beat yourself up for not being happy 100% of the time. It's okay to be sad, and it's okay to not feel good constantly. You're allowed to have your bad days. You're allowed to cry. You're allowed to sit in your bed all day on Saturday watching TedTalks. You're allowed to feel your emotions because they're your emotions, and that makes them valid. 

Then if all else fails, I watch Parks and Rec, the Office, or 30 Rock. 

Happy Monday!
xx, jKm

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