Spring Snack with SkinnyPop

I've been home for three days, and I can without a doubt say the best part about being home is having food. (Besides seeing my parents and all that.) During the week, I eat amazing food at my sorority house, but once the weekend hits, I am back to eating dining hall food with the best of them. I don't keep a ton of food in my dorm, so unless I go out on the weekends or grab a snack from the house, the food I am eating is not great on the weekends. However, I have found a snack that is relatively cheap, healthy(ish), and easy to make but also fun: SkinnyPop with Pretzels and Easter M&Ms. 

I love trail mix, but this is a more fun version of that to me. Plus I love popcorn so much. I've been eating it as a snack since before it was cool. Mostly because I read about it in an American Girl magazine, but SkinnyPop makes it so much easier because I don't have to actually make the popcorn. #LazyCollegeGirlProblems 

Like I said, super easy to make. It maybe takes two minutes at tops, and I could eat it all day. It's actually embarrassing how often I've eaten this since I've been home. I've eaten another bowl while working on this post. My favorite part is the Easter M&Ms. For some reason holiday M&Ms always taste better to me. Christmas? Easter? I am here for it. Plus the spring colors make this snack just as pretty as it is tasty.

xx, jKm 

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