Updates + Friday Favorites | 5/26

Notice anything different? This past week I spent some time going through the process of redoing the blog for a couple reasons. The first and foremost was that I wanted my blog to be my name. I think it's just more professional, and I wanted my blog to be a full representation of myself. So sassdelsur --> juliannakearn, which is easy to remember because it's all of my social media handles. I am still working on some of the aspects, mostly my "About" page, but I am super excited because I feel like I don't have any limits anymore with my blog.

This mom's Instagram is one of my absolute favorites, oh my gosh. Her two year is so funny and precious, and you've probably seen some of the videos other places across the Internet. 

But I think this French bulldog Instagram might actually be my #1 favorite. French bulldogs are my favorite kind of dog because they look like an old person and a toddler at the same time, and I think it's so funny. 

I think Dorothy's tassel earrings might be one of my DIY projects this summer. But if DIYs aren't you thing, these tassel earrings from RiffRaff are...just...wow. *heart eyes*

Mike Trout is without a doubt my favorite athlete, and this New York Times article does a good job of explaining why I love him so much.

Speaking of baseball, this Charlie Southern shirt is perfect for summer games.

Since I wear leggings basically all the time when I'm at school, I am always on the hunt for cute ones. I love these capri ones from Target. I also love this pair.

This article is about my two favorite things: the Phillies and social media.

Happy Friday!!
xx, jKm

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