20 Hours in Nashville

I love Nashville. It's one of my cities ever, and I fall in love a little bit more every time I go. My parents went to a concert in Nashville last Friday and luckily I convinced them to let me tag along. While we were only in the city for about 20 hours, it was the perfect weekend away, and the perfect way to start off June, which I've always considered the start of summer.

After we checked into our hotel, my dad and I walked around downtown and walked down Broadway. It was the Friday afternoon before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals so you could imagine how loud and crazy the bars were. I thought it was really interesting to see how into the Predators the city was. I wasn't in Atlanta during the Falcons Super Bowl appearance, so I haven't been in a city during playoffs like this before. The atmosphere was amazing. 

On Saturday we went to 12 South, which is probably one of the most popular areas in Nashville besides Broadway. This is the area where most of the murals are and of the course, the ever famous "I Believe in Nashville" mural. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of Nashville. My parents and I went around 9:30, so there weren't a ton of people there, which made it easier to explore. 

Most of the shops open at 10, and we first stopped at White's Mercantile. It's this really cool general store with a ton of knick-knacks and cool, Southern products. I got this shirt while I was there, and we got these Johnny & June pins for my sister. 

After White's Mercantile, we went to the main reason for doing to 12 South: Draper James! I've been twice, and both times I fell in love with the store, style, and the South each time. Reese Witherspoon has the most amazing style, and honestly, it's a store that truly reflects classic Southern style in my opinion. 

Once we finished shopping we did my favorite thing to do in Nashville: eat! We went to Martin's BBQ because we had been smelling good pork all day. It was a really cool restaurant, and of course, I got a pulled pork sandwich and mac and cheese. Also, I think this shirt is hilarious.

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xx, jKm

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