Act Southernly

In the state of Alabama, alone, there are 10,000 children who are identified as needing a Court Appointed Special Advocate or a CASA. If y'all didn't know, CASA is Theta's national philanthropy, and in the last year, it's become a cause very close to my heart. CASAs do a lot of work with children in foster care, and in the South, there are over 100,000 kids in foster care. I fully believe in giving as much as I can to CASA and the foster care system in general because no child should have to go through that pain.

Shirt: Y'allsome // Skirt: Target // Shoes: Old Navy

Enter Y'allsome. Y'all know how I am a sucker for anything that relates to the South and has Southernisms, but the best part about Y'allsome is that they donate 10% of their profits to help Southern foster kids, which is amazing. They described their company as "Southern goods that do good."

One of my best friends, Christina, and I went to the Georgia Aquarium last week, and after we at lunch, she helped me take these photos in Centennial Olympic Park, a perfect place to show off this shirt.
xx, jKm

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