Friday Favorites | 6/23

Before we get into my favorites of this week, I wanted to share with y'all something important. Last spring one of my sorority sisters committed suicide after transferring schools. In the fall she was raped in downtown Tuscaloosa, and the institutions put in place to protect her did not. BuzzFeed News posted their report on this case yesterday. It's a hard read, but we must continue to tell Megan's story and fight to protect women with stories like hers.

I loved, loved, loved this interview with Grace Emery on The Everygirl! I found it while I was scrolling through Pinterest for articles about PR advice, and Grace's perspective about going back and being an intern after having already worked in PR was super interesting. 

I found Sally's blog recently, and I absolutely love her style. She's abroad right now, so her content is extra amazing because of her outfits and all the scenery in Europe! Just like her blog, her Instagram is equally beautiful.

I am going to see Harry Styles next summer (*screams*), and I am already on the hunt for an outfit. While I certainly have a ton of time to find the perfect outfit, this dress from Show Me Your Mumu is defintely going to be used as inspiration.

Rex Chapman contributed to the most recent Sports Illustrated's Point After, and his story is incredible and important. He brings the opioid problem in America and the urgency to do something about it rather than letting it continue to destroy lives.

My parents and I are going to Asheville, North Carolina next week to celebrate my mom's birthday, and I am so pumped. I haven't been in a couple years, and I am so excited to explore, hike, and go see some single A baseball!

HAIM's new album comes out in two weeks, and between that, Harry Styles, and Melodrama, it is going round of the summer of perfect music for me.

I picked up this black shift dress the other day from Versona, and it's one of the cutest dresses I own.

xx, jKm

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  1. Have fun in Asheville, Julianna! It's such a cute city!!
    xo, Syd