June Reflections + Favorites

June was a long month for me. Compared to May and July, I didn't have a ton planned for June, so it definitely crept by in my opinion. In May, I was finishing up school and moving out and going to Boston and Nashville for various reasons, and then in July, I am going back to Tuscaloosa for a week to work our communications camp and then moving into the Theta house/getting ready for recruitment, whereas; for June, I had exactly one (1) thing planned: going to see Kacey Musgraves Harry Styles in Nashville, which I mean, no other plans can really compare to that.

So since I didn't have a ton of exciting plans for June, I took the time to do a lot of little things. Like I mentioned in my personal style post a couple of weeks ago, I cleaned out my closet, and I am working on cleaning out my room, but recently, my dad and I (mostly my dad) painted my room! My walls used to be blue, purple, and green because my 8-year-old had a #vision, but now since I am 20 and am moving out of the house soon, we painted my walls grey. It's been about a week since we finished and I love it so much. It definitely feels more like an adult's room.

I also chopped off about four inches of hair, so that was fun.

As you might be able to see, I did a little bit of a redesign, and I officially bought my own domain!! Not a complete rebrand but I like to think of it as more of a facelift. I am still making little changes as I figure out what I want the website to look like, but I've had a lot of fun learning some more about coding and site design.

Which leads me to my next point! I signed up for CodeAcademy earlier this month after Fran talked about it. I started by doing the JavaScript lessons, which didn't make too much sense for me to do as I don't have plans to go into coding. I moved on the HTML and CSS lessons. You get CodeAcademy Pro for a week, and it gives you projects and extra stuff, but even without Pro, you still get the lessons, which to me are the most valuable.

I was trying to format the "favorites" part of this post, and while I would normally put together a graphic, I didn't super love how it was turning out. (I've been in a Photoshop rut lately.) I know a lot of bloggers do "Currently" posts, and I thought that would be a good way to share everything I loved this month.

Watching: If you haven't watched Set It Up yet, you need to! It's the perfect rom-com, and I truly feel like someone read my dream journal and created this movie. Zoey Deutch is a lot of my favorite "bad" movies (aka Vampire Academy and Dirty Grandpa), and she and Glenn Powell are absolutely wonderful in this movie.

I've also been rewatching Psych. I started the summer before I went to college, but I never got to finish it because they took it off Netflix. BUT it's on Amazon Prime! I forgot how much I liked it. I will say that the episodes are a little long, and I think it would be better if they were 30 minutes. Hasn't stopped me from binging it though... Whoops.

Listening: I have rediscovered my love for podcasts. I've been listening to a lot of female-driven ones and a lot based on business and branding. I love Ball Girl Magic. Two super funny, amazing women interviewing amazing women in sports? Sign me up! I particularly love the interview with Christine Simmons, the LA Sparks' president. I've also been listening to TED Radio Hour and Getting Curious with JVN. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!!

Vampire Weekend is basically the soundtrack of my summer, and I am patiently waiting for the fourth album to be released aka I have a Google Alert set for news about it.

Eating: Donuts! I kind of impulse decided that I was going to learn how to make donuts. I got this tin from Target, and it's been super fun. While I am definitely not going to be opening up a donut shop anytime soon, I love being able to try something new, and baking is seriously such a stress reliever for me.

Emma (my sister!) is home for the summer before she starts law school in the fall, so we've been going to get tacos a ton. Our favorite place to go is Taqueria del Sol, which is in Atlanta and Nashville.

Reading: I picked up Never Use Futura at a stationery store in Ponce City Market. It's super interesting! I knew Futura is used in a lot of places like Nike and Vampire Weekend albums, but I never knew the extent of how frequently it is used. It's also cool to learn about the history of a font.

Shopping: While I mostly have been getting things for when I move back to school, I got this super cute scalloped skort in black from Versona aka my favorite place to shop in my hometown besides Target. I think it's going to be a great addition to my Game Day wardrobe in the fall.

xx, jKm

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